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Many people have inspired me. One of them, who I’ve mentioned & blogged about several times, was my late father-in-law, Al Eide. (The little cutie on his lap is my husband, Dan, and the other cutie is his brother, Phil. And yes, Al was once a sailor, if you caught the tat. 😉 )

Al was a man who never met a stranger, never said an unkind word, rarely ever complained, prayed and meditated on God’s word daily, always went to church, and never failed to trust in God, even when dementia in his 90s muddled his mind. Even then, he still loved Jesus and asked caregivers if they knew Him. Even then, he displayed kindness, patience, and the living spirit and love of Christ. 

Many who knew him will readily tell you they want to be like Al when they grow up.

In my NEW novel, Wings Like a Dove, sisters Anna and Shayna are not only very close, but inspire each other to be better, each in their own way.

If you have read the book, I wonder if you can spot (and name) the person in the story inspired by my father-in-law.

Question: Who inspires you to be a better person?

And as Al would say, God bless you real good!


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We Have a WINNER!

If you were following the Fall CF Scavenger Hunt hosted by Lisa T. Bergren and you entered the additional drawing on my stop (#25) for a Camille Eide ebook, the winner of that drawing is:


Congratulations, Trixi!

And for more good news…



I just found out that in celebration of my upcoming novel, WhiteFire Publishing is offering a special sale price on ALL my previous titles (eBook) for a limited time, one per week for the next 3 weeks. You can browse, read sample chapters, and buy all 3 for 1.99 each HERE.

Or find these titles one by one:

And if you’d like to check out my upcoming novel, Wings Like a Dove, you can read a sample chapter HERE and also find it on my website. It’s now available for preorder.

dodge park sept 2019Are you new to my fiction? I write poignant dramas with a solid love story. My books include both contemporary and historical, serious and sarcastic, and I season it all with hope, faith, and grace. You can find me hanging out on social media, at my website, and you can also join me in marveling about the awesome love and grace of God right here at Along the Banks.

Thank you for following along and sharing the love of story! Drop me a line anytime, I always enjoy hearing from reading friends!


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I’m veering slightly from the river’s edge today to share this little side note…

As you may know, I write inspirational romance and women’s fiction. Some are okay with calling it Romantic Women’s Fiction.  I tend to write along the lines of a relational drama combined with a strong love story. Think Nicholas Sparks meets Karen Kingsbury. At an offbeat little comedy club. Where they serve killer coffee and garnish everything with bacon.


If you have not yet been bombarded spammed made aware, I am currently taking part in a short-short romance story contest. I’ve entered 2 short stories.

Did I mention that they’re short?

My stories are now posted for the public to vote on (give a thumbs up or down).  Anyone can vote (you only have to provide an email address & don’t have to sign up for anything). You may vote once for each story you like. The stories with the most votes move on to further rounds, and the author who wins the final round receives an all-expense paid trip to American Christian Fiction Writers‘ Conference 2013. Voting ends in August.


Here are links to the stories:
is a touching story about a young woman who finally admits she’s in love with her best bud, only . . . it may be too late.
There’s something achingly familiar about the quiet, handsome man Lily has been serving breakfast at the diner.




You are welcome to vote as you please for mine and/or any other stories you want to win. Thank you so much for taking a brief detour to read my short stories and for supporting faith-inspiring fiction!

Come back next week for a cool stop along the banks. Bring coffee and bacon, we’ll talk.
God’s Grace & Blessings,

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